Archiv 2016

Vortragender: Kazuhiro Yabana

TDDFT in solids for electron dynamics induced by ultrashort laser pulses

MPSD Seminar
Since 2000, we have been developing a real-time, real-space computationalmethod based on time-dependent density functional theory to describe electron dynamics in crystalline solids induced by light pulses. In a microscopic scale, we solve the time-dependent Kohn-Sham equation in a unit cell of solid treating the applied electric field is by the vector potential. We further combine the microscopic calculation with the dynamics of light electromagnetic field in a multiscale modeling, as describe in the figure. In my presentation, I first explain our method including some historical aspects. Then I will show some recent and on-going applications such as energy transfer from a femtosecond laser pulse to electrons in quartz and graphite, and ultrafast changes of dielectric properties of diamond by an intense laser pulse. [mehr]
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