Archiv 2020

Raum: Seminar Room V, O1.109

Near-Field Physics and Chemistry in Plasmonic STM junctions

MPSD Seminar
Plasmonic cavities exhibit many intriguing properties and phenomena resulting from strong field enhancement and confinement. Recently, both experimental and theoretical studies have revealed crucial roles of atomistic structures and quantum mechanical effects in plasmonic nanostructures [1-3]. [mehr]

Presentation Skills (IMPRS-UFAST Skills Course)

IMPRS-UFAST skills course
“Poets are born – speakers are made” Public speaking is a necessity in scientific life. Take part in this two-days course, find out what your strengths are and develop your individual presentation profile. Take steps to learn how to lead the audience from your first appearance on stage until the last question in the discussion. Be authentic, enthusiastic and convincing! [mehr]
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