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Non-equlibrium Quantum Matter - Workshop (Mainz)

  • Beginn: 30.05.2017
  • Ende: 02.06.2017
  • Vortragende(r): Various
  • Ort: Schloss Waldhausen, Mainz (Ger)
  • Gastgeber: Michael Först et. al.
This workshop will bring together leadings experts, both experimentalists and theorists, who are going to present some of the most exciting recent developments in non-equilibrium many-body physics.Topics will include light-induced superconductivity, topological Floquet states, solitons in superfluids, driven cold atom systems, and many more.If you would like to attend the workshop, please visit our webpage https://www.spice.uni-mainz.de/neqm-workshop-2017/ to find the preliminary program and the online application form, which has to be submitted before February 22nd.
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