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Journal Article
Simulating Spatial Microwave Manipulation of Polyatomic Asymmetric-Top Molecules Using a Multi-Level Approach
ChemPhysChem 17 (22), 3624–3630 (2016)
Journal Article
High-Resolution Rotational Spectroscopy Study of the Smallest Sugar Dimer: Interplay of Hydrogen Bonds in the Glycolaldehyde Dimer
S. Zinn, C. Medcraft, T. Betz, M. Schnell
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (20), 5975–5980 (2016)
Journal Article
Structure determination of trans-cinnamaldehyde by broadband microwave spectroscopy
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (24), 16080–16085 (2015)
Journal Article
Exploring the conformational landscape of menthol, menthone, and isomenthone: a microwave study
Frontiers in Chemistry 3, 15 (2015)
Journal Article
The shape of ibuprofen in the gas phase
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (6), 4538–4541 (2015)
Journal Article
Nuclear quadrupole coupling constants of two chemically distinct nitrogen atoms in 4-aminobenzonitrile
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (28), 5164–5169 (2014)
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