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Journal Article
Nonlinear resonant Auger spectroscopy in CO using an x-ray pump-control scheme
Physical Review A 94 (6), 063413 (2016)
Journal Article
K-shell photoionization of Li, Be+ and B2+
J. Li, J. D. Liu, S. B. Zhang, B. J. Ye
Modern Physics Letters B 30 (15), 1650204 (2016)
Journal Article
Complex multireference configuration interaction calculations for the K-vacancy Auger states of Nq+ (q = 2-5) ions
Y.-G. Peng, Y. Wu, L.-F. Zhu, S. B. Zhang, J.-G. Wang, H.-P. Liebermann, R. J. Buenker
The Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (5), 054306 (2016)
Journal Article
Quantum-beat Auger spectroscopy
Physical Review A 92 (4), 043420 (2015)
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