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Journal Article
Coupled Cluster Theory for Molecular Polaritons: Changing Ground and Excited States
T. S. Haugland, E. Ronca, E. F. Kjønstad, A. Rubio, H. Koch
Physical Review X 10 (4), 041043 (2020)
Journal Article
Ground-State Properties of the Hydrogen Chain: Dimerization, Insulator-to-Metal Transition, and Magnetic Phases
M. Motta, C. Genovese, F. Ma, Z.-H. Cui, R. Sawaya, G. K.-L. Chan, N. Chepiga, P. Helms, C. Jiménez-Hoyos, A. J. Millis, U. Ray, E. Ronca, H. Shi, S. Sorella, E. M. Stoudenmire, S. R. White, S. Zhang
Physical Review X 10 (3), 031058 (2020)
Journal Article
Cavity quantum electrodynamical Chern insulator: Towards light-induced quantized anomalous Hall effect in graphene
Physical Review B 99 (23), 235156 (2019)
Journal Article
Cavity Control of Excitons in Two-Dimensional Materials
Nano Letters 19 (6), 3473–3479 (2019)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Intermolecular interactions in optical cavities: an ab initio QED study
T. S. Haugland, C. Schäfer, E. Ronca, A. Rubio, H. Koch
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