Publications of A. Akkoush

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Journal Article
First-Principles Simulations of Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering Reveal Active Role of Substrate on High-Resolution Images
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (30), 6850–6859 (2023)
Journal Article
A Hybrid-Density Functional Theory Study of Intrinsic Point Defects in MX2 (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se) Monolayers
A. Akkoush, Y. Litman, M. Rossi
Physica Status Solidi A (2023)
Journal Article
Charge Transfer-Mediated Dramatic Enhancement of Raman Scattering upon Molecular Point Contact Formation
B. Cirera, Y. Litman, C. Lin, A. Akkoush, A. Hammud, M. Wolf, M. Rossi, T. Kumagai
Nano Letters 22 (6), 2170–2176 (2022)

Other (1)

Overcoming barriers in nuclear dynamics with first principles electronic structure methods
M. Rossi, A. Akkoush, K. Fidanyan, M. Krynski, A. Lewis, Y. Litman, D. Maksimov, E. S. Pós, N. Raimbault, H. Wang
High Performance Computing and Data Science in the Max Planck Society (2021)
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