Publikationen von M. C. da Silva

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Self-Consistent Potential Correction for Charged Periodic Systems
M. C. da Silva, M. Lorke, B. Aradi, M. Farzalipour Tabriz, T. Frauenheim, A. Rubio, D. Rocca, P. Deák
Physical Review Letters 126 (7), 076401 (2021)
An adaptive design approach for defects distribution modeling in materials from first-principle calculations
M. P. Lourenço, A. d. S. Anastácio, A. L. Rosa, T. Frauenheim, M. C. da Silva
Journal of Molecular Modeling 26 (7), 187 (2020)
Electronic Properties and Charge Transfer of Topologically Protected States in Hybrid Bismuthene Layers
A. L. da Rosa, E. N. Lima, M. C. da Silva, R. B. Pontes, J. S. de Almeida, T. M. Schmidt, T. Frauenheim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (21), 11708–11715 (2020)
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