Publications of A. Choudhuri

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
A spatio-spectral polarization analysis of 1 µm-pumped bulk supercontinuum in a cubic crystal (YAG)
A. Choudhuri, G. Chatterjee, J. Zheng, I. Hartl, A. Ruehl, R. J. D. Miller
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 124 (6), 103 (2018)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Multi-Octave Supercontinuum Generation Driven by Few-Cycle Mid-IR Pulses in YAG, ZnSe and Sapphire
A. Choudhuri, A. Ruehl, I. Leon, N. DiPalo, I. Hartl, R. J. D. Miller, J. Biegert
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, 2016
Conference Paper
Full (3+1)D Split-Step Technique for Spatial Mode Analysis of White Light Generation in Bulk Kerr-Media
H. Zia, A. Choudhuri, I. Hartl, R. J. D. Miller, A. Ruehl
CLEO: Applications and Technology 2015, Optical Society of America; 2015

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Studies in High Energy, Mid-Infrared, Bulk Supercontinuum Generation
Universität Hamburg, 2018
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