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    Journal Article
    Singla, R.; Cotugno, G.; Kaiser, S.; Först, M.; Mitrano, M.; Liu, H.; Cartella, A.; Manzoni, C.; Okamoto, H.; Hasegawa, T. et al.; Clark, S. .; Jaksch, D.; Cavalleri, A.: THz-Frequency Modulation of the Hubbard U in an Organic Mott Insulator. Physical Review Letters 115 (18), 187401 (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Mitrano, M.; Cotugno, G.; Clark, S. R.; Singla, R.; Kaiser, S.; Stähler, J.; Beyer, R.; Dressel, M.; Baldassarre, L.; Nicoletti, D. et al.; Perucchi, A.; Hasegawa, T.; Okamoto, H.; Jaksch, D.; Cavalleri, A.: Pressure-Dependent Relaxation in the Photoexcited Mott Insulator ET-F2 TCNQ: Influence of Hopping and Correlations on Quasiparticle Recombination Rates. Physical Review Letters 112 (11), 117801 (2014)
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    Journal Article
    Caviglia, A. D.; Först, M.; Scherwitzl, R.; Khanna, V.; Bromberger, H.; Mankowsky, R.; Singla, R.; Chuang, Y.-D.; Lee, W. S.; Krupin, O. et al.; Schlotter, W. F.; Turner, J. J.; Dakovski, G. L.; Minitti, M. P.; Robinson, J.; Scagnoli, V.; B.Wilkins, S.; Cavill, S. A.; Gibert, M.; Gariglio, S.; Zubko, P.; Triscone, J.-M.; Hill, J. P.; Dhesi, S. S.; Cavalleri, A.: Photoinduced melting of magnetic order in the correlated electron insulator NdNiO3. Physical Review B 88 (22), 220401(R) (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Singla, R.; Simoncig, A.; Först, M.; Prabhakaran, D.; Cavalieri, A. L.; Cavalleri, A.: Photoinduced melting of the orbital order in La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 measured with 4-fs laser pulses. Physical Review B 88 (7), 075107 (2013)
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    Journal Article
    Caviglia, A. D.; Scherwitzl, R.; Popovich, P.; Hu, W.; Bromberger, H.; Singla, R.; Mitrano, M.; Hoffmann, M. C.; Kaiser, S.; Zubko, P. et al.; Gariglio, S.; Triscone, J.-M.; Först, M.; Cavalleri, A.: Ultrafast Strain Engineering in Complex Oxide Heterostructures. Physical Review Letters 108 (13), 136801 (2012)

Thesis - PhD (1)

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    Thesis - PhD
    Singla, R.: Measuring correlated electron dynamics on few femtoseconds time scale. Dissertation, 152 pp., Universität Hamburg, Hamburg (2015)

Working Paper (1)

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    Working Paper
    Singla, R.; D., H.; Hanff, K.; Grguraš, I.; Schulz, S.; Liu, H.; Simoncig, A.; Tellkamp, F.; Bajt, S.; Rossnagel, K. et al.; Cavalieri, A. L.: Extreme timescale core-level spectroscopy with tailored XUV pulses. (2018), 20 pp.
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