Representative Publications

Representative Publications

Johnson, P. J. M.; Halpin, A.; Morizumi, T.; Prokhorenko, V.; Ernst, O. P.; Miller, R. J. D.: Local vibrational coherences drive the primary photochemistry of vision. Nature Chemistry 7 (12), pp. 980 - 986 (2015)
Ishikawa, T.; Hayes, S.; Keskin, S.; Corthey, G.; Hada, M.; Pichugin, K.; Marx, A.; Hirscht, J.; Shionuma, K.; Onda, K. et al.; Okimoto, Y.; Koshihara, S.-y.; Yamamoto, T.; Cui, H.; Nomura, M.; Oshima, Y.; Abdel-Jawad, M.; Kato, R.; Miller, R. J. D.: Direct observation of collective modes coupled to molecular orbital–driven charge transfer. Science 350 (6267), pp. 1501 - 1505 (2015)
Miller, R. J. D.:
Mapping Atomic Motions with Ultrabright Electrons: The Chemists' Gedanken Experiment Enters the Lab Frame.
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 65, pp. 583-604 (2014)
Jean-Ruel, H.; Gao, M.; Kochman, M. A.; Lu, C.; Liu, L. C.; Cooney, R. R.; Morrison, C. A.; Miller, R. J. D.:
Ring-Closing Reaction in Diarylethene Captured by Femtosecond Electron Crystallography.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (49), pp. 15894-15902 (2013)

This work represents a milestone as it was able to resolve the specific reaction modes involved in ring cyclization with conserved stereochemistry – for even weakly scattering organic systems.  This work could be argued to be the first true molecular movie of chemical reaction.
Sciaini, G.; Harb, M.; Kruglik, S. G.; Payer, T.; Hebeisen, C.T.; Meyer zu Heringdorf, F.-J.; Yamaguchi, M.; Horn-von Hoegen, M.; Ernstorfer, R.; Miller, R. J. D.:
Electronic acceleration of atomic motions and disordering in bismuth
Nature 458, pp. 56-59 (2009)

Effectively, single shot atomic resolution achieved to make a movie of the fastest structural change yet observed (faster than the primary step in vision, .03 rms motions).  Optical modification of the potential energy surface electronically drives melting phase transition faster than a ½ vibrational period – first observation of ballistic melting (collision free/direct transformation).
Ernstorfer, R.; Harb,M.; Hebeisen, C.T.; Sciaini, G.; Dartigalongue,T.; Miller, R. J. D.:
The Formation of Warm Dense Matter: Experimental Evidence for Electronic Bond Hardening in Gold

Science 323 (5917), pp. 1033-1037 (2009)

First atomically resolved structure of warm dense matter that resolved a long standing controversy over the state of matter under these conditions. This work demonstrated the power of this approach to probe rarefied states of matter.

Harb, M.; Ernstorfer, R.; Hebeisen, C. T.; Sciaini, G.; Peng, W.; Dartigalongue, T.; Eriksson, M. A.; Lagally, M. G.; Kruglik, S. G.; Miller, R. J. D.:
Electronically Driven Structure Changes of Si Captured by Femtosecond Electron Diffraction
Physical Review Letters 100, pp. 155504 (2008)
Prokhorenko, V. I.; Nagy, A. M.; Waschuk, S. A.; Brown, L. S.; Birge, R. R.; Miller, R. J. D.:
Coherent Control of Retinal Isomerization in Bacteriorhodopsin
Science 313 (5791), pp. 1257-1261 (2006)

Opened new field of weak field coherent control, addressed long standing issue of quantum coherence in biological systems, and with recent theoretical support highlighted a fundamental difference for coherent control for closed and open quantum systems.

Cowan, M. L.; Bruner, B. D.; Huse, N.; Dwyer, J. R.; Chugh, B.; Nibbering, E. T. J.; Elsaesser, T.; Miller, R. J. D.:
Ultrafast memory loss and energy redistribution in the hydrogen bond network of liquid H2O
Nature 434, pp. 199-202 (2005)

Solved 100 year old problem in spectroscopy, and provided directly the intermolecular couplings involved in the hydrogen bond network that imparts water’s special properties.
Siwick, B. J.; Dwyer, J. R.; Jordan, R. E.; Miller, R. J. D.:
An Atomic-Level View of Melting Using Femtosecond Electron Diffraction
Science 302 (5649), pp. 1382-1385 (2003)

First direct observation of atomic motions on the relevant timescale – First “Molecular Movie”.
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