Former Research Groups

Condensed Matter Dynamics Department

Otto-Hahn Group:
Ultrafast Electron Dynamics
Isabella Gierz
University of Regensburg

Extreme Timescales
Adrian Cavalieri
University of Bern, Switzerland

Associated Max-Planck Research Group:
Dynamics of Nanoelectronic Systems
Sebastian Loth
University of Stuttgart

Theory of Complex Materials
Alaska Subedi
Centre de Physique Théorique, France

Theory Department

Emmy-Noether Group:
Theoretical Description of Pump-Probe Spectroscopies in Solids
Michael Sentef
University of Bremen

Quantum Optics with X-Rays
Nina Rohringer
DESY, University of Hamburg

Max-Planck Research Group at the University of Hamburg:
Theory of Correlated Systems out of Equilibrium
Martin Eckstein
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Atomically Resolved Dynamics Department (2014-2020)

Atomically Resolved Dynamics
R.J. Dwayne Miller
University of Toronto, Canada

Max-Planck Research Group at the University of Hamburg:
Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics
Nils Huse
University of Hamburg

Structure and Dynamics of Cold and Controlled Molecules
Melanie Schnell
University of Kiel, DESY

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