Theoretical Description of Pump-Probe Spectroscopies in Solids

Emmy-Noether Group – Michael Sentef

Scientists in the Emmy-Noether Group 'Theoretical Description of Pump-Probe Spectroscopies in Solids' focus on the theory and computer simulation of dynamical processes in solids under irradiation with short laser pulses, and more recently also in quantum-electrodynamical cavities. Its central goal is to understand the relevant microscopic ingredients and to devise realistic setups for achieving nonequilibrium control over light-induced novel phases of matter in quantum materials.

The Emmy-Noether Group has also integrated nicely with some of the core activities of the Theory Department, including those related to cavity materials, the laser engineering of novel topological phases of matter, and the development of efficient numerical methods for time-resolved spectroscopy and transport calculations as well as correlated electron-boson systems.

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