Research News

Research News

Excitons can simultaneously adopt atomic-like and solid-like characteristics when stimulated by light. The discovery opens up an important new avenue for the manipulation of excitonic as well as materials’ properties by light. more

Researchers produce large regions of uniform rhombohedral four-layer graphene by introducing a small twist between two layers of bilayer graphene. Four-layer rhombohedral graphene is a new platform for realizing flat-band-based quantum phenomena in a natural way. more

Symmetrically coupled light and matter can produce a new combined state of light and electrons – a state which could be utilized in the design of new materials.  more

The Berry curvature - an important property of quantum materials - can be imaged with chiral light. An international research team has predicted the outcomes of photoelectron spectroscopy experiments and showed that the resulting images reveal information about the microscopic structure of electronic wavefunctions inside atomically thin, two-dimensional materials.  more

Researchers reveal that the possibilities created by stacking two sheets of atomically thin material atop each other at a twist are even greater than expected. Their work provides new insights into the question how a correlated system crosses over from two dimensions to one. more

Researchers from the MPSD and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) discover a significant new fundamental kind of quantum electronic oscillations, or plasmons, in atomically thin materials. more

Researchers from Hamburg and Bombay expose 2D monolayer of defective hexagonal boron nitride to an intense light flash to explore how defects influence the motion of electrons in solids during HHG. more

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