Department News

Department News

MPSD researchers discover a long-lived superconducting state in K3C60 at a temperature five times higher than the one at which superconductivity sets in without photoexcitation. This metastable state, produced with a new type of laser, lasts nearly 10.000 times longer than previously achieved. more

MPSD scientist Frank Schlawin and Aaron Kelly, currently a visiting scientist at the MPSD, have been chosen as Young Investigator Group Leaders at the Hamburg Cluster of Excellence ‘CUI : Advanced Imaging of Matter’. more

Researchers at the University of Oxford and the MPSD report in Physical Review Letters that a dynamical version of superconductivity, which is generated by periodically shaking the material, is intimately tied to strong electronic correlations and geometric frustration. more

Researchers from the MPSD and the University of Oxford manage to drive a prototypical antiferromagnet into a new magnetic state, using terahertz frequency light. Their groundbreaking method produces an effect orders of magnitude larger than previously achieved - on ultrafast time scales. more

MPSD scientists have discovered a pioneering laser-driven approach to generate a topological state in graphene. Their work is published in Nature Physics. more

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