Department News

Department News

MPSD opens new research building in the Science City Hamburg

The MPSD has officially opened its  new state-of-the-art research building in Hamburg. The President of the Max Planck Society, Professor Patrick Cramer, and the Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Science Senator Katharina Fegebank, were guests of honor at the opening ceremony.  more

New insights into light-induced ferroelectricity in SrTiO<sub>3</sub>

Measurements of the fluctuations of the atomic positions in SrTiO3 under mid-infrared light yield new insights into the creation of the material’s ferroelectric state. An MPSD research team reports in Nature Materials that the material transforms into a state of permanently ordered electrical dipoles.  more

Photo-induced superconductivity on a chip 

Researchers at the MPSD have shown that a previously demonstrated ability to turn on superconductivity with a laser beam can be integrated on a chip, opening up a route toward opto-electronic applications.  more

10 THz laser boosts superconductivity in K<sub>3</sub>C<sub>60</sub>

Researchers from the Cavalleri group have discovered a far more efficient way to create a previously observed metastable, superconducting-like state in K3C60 using laser light. Their work has appeared in Nature Physics. more

28 PhD projects on offer in this year’s IMPRS-UFAST Call

The International Max Planck Research School for Ultrafast Imaging & Structural Dynamics (IMPRS-UFAST) has opened this year’s call for applicants. more

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