Department News

Department News

MPSD researcher Ankit Disa has accepted a professorship at Cornell University in the United States. He will take up his new post as Assistant Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell in July 2022. more

Prineha Narang is coming to the MPSD from Harvard University for an extended research stay. She has received two prestigious prizes: A Max Planck Sabbatical Award for her work in Germany and the Humboldt Foundation's Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award for her research work to date. more

James McIver, the leader of the Non-Equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials group, has accepted an assistant professor position with the Physics Department at Columbia Unversity. His group is part of the collaborative Max Planck New York City Center for Non-Equilibrium Quantum Phenomena. more

MPSD researchers discover a long-lived superconducting state in K3C60 at a temperature five times higher than the one at which superconductivity sets in without photoexcitation. This metastable state, produced with a new type of laser, lasts nearly 10.000 times longer than previously achieved. more

Researchers have managed to control and detect oscillations inside an atomic nucleus, as well as the gamma radiation emitted, to within 1.3 zeptoseconds. A zeptosecond is the thousandth part of a billionth of a billionth of a second. more

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