Humboldt research fellowship for Dongbin Shin

January 30, 2020
Dr Dongbin Shin from the MPSD’s Theory Department has been awarded a two-year Humboldt Research Fellowship. He joined the Institute in April 2019, soon after completing his PhD at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in South Korea.

Shin’s research concentrates on the theoretical description of real-time interaction between electrons and ions in materials, especially when they are exposed to pressure or temperature changes or laser light. Recently, he has focused on non-linear phonon interactions in ferroelectric materials and the real-time description of Cooper pairs. 

Ferroelectric materials have great potential as future memory devices as long as their electric state can be reliably controlled. “Switching and maintaining the electric state in ferroelectric materials is important in order to safely store the information they carry,” says Shin. “I am focusing on creating a stable electric state in these materials.” 

Shin is delighted with the fellowship. “The financial support gives me a chance to study advanced physical phenomena with excellent colleagues in the MPSD,” he says. Humboldt Research Fellowships are awarded to young scientists intending to carry out long-term research in Germany over a period of six months to two years. They can choose their own topic and their academic host.

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