25 November 2020

Maiken Mikkelsen
Duke University, USA

Extreme Photonics with Nanogap Cavities

Nano- and quantum materials with unique optical properties hold the potential for breakthroughs in a wide range of areas from ultrafast optoelectronics and on-chip components for quantum information science to improved bio-sensing. An exciting opportunity to realize such new materials lies in controlling the local electromagnetic environment on the atomic- and molecular-scale (~1-10 nm), which enables extreme local field enhancements and drastically modified local density of states ...

11 November 2020

<h2 class="h2-gray">Frank Koppens</h2>
ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain

Polaritons and ultrasmall cavities in twisted 2D material heterostructures
Two-dimensional (2D) materials offer extraordinary potential for control of light and light-matter interactions at the atomic scale. Twisted 2D materials has recently attracted a lot of interest, due to the capability to induce moiré superlattices and discovery of electronic correlated phases. In this talk, we present nanoscale optical techniques such as near-field optical microscopy, and reveal with nanometer spatial resolution unique observations of topological domain wall boundaries and interband collective modes in charge neutral twisted-bilayer graphene near the magic angle ...
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