Exploring magnetic structures with a Marie Curie Fellowship

Sam Holt, a postdoc in the Scientific Support Unit Computational Science, has been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship. The funding will allow him to explore new and novel magnetic structures.

Open-source simulation platform to boost design of ‘greener’ magnets

The pioneering Magnetic Multiscale Modelling Suite (MaMMoS) will combine experiments, simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and design innovative magnetic materials and optimise them for cutting-edge devices and sensors. more

Members of SSU Computational Science win hackathon

A team involving three young researchers from the Scientific Support Unit Computational Science at the MPSD has won a hackathon with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solution for a data platform which helps patients manage their serious chronic illness. more

Supercomputer Ada accelerates computational research

A new supercomputer capable of handling highly data-intensive calculations for the MPSD and the MPI for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS) has gone online. Computations which would previously have taken two to three weeks can now be carried out within a single day. more

Easier interface for simulation tools

The use of simulation tools can be complicated and time-intensive. Now a research team from the MPSD and Imperial College London (UK) has developed a workflow that allows researchers to spend far less time on the syntax and data formats of the simulation package and to work with the data immediately. more

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