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Communication and Conflict Management (IMPRS UFAST skills course)

IMPRS UFAST skills course

Source Technology (IMPRS UFAST core course)

IMPRS UFAST core course

Project and Time Management (IMPRS UFAST skills course)

IMPRS UFAST core course

Introduction to LabVIEW for PhD students (IMPRS UFAST skills course)

IMPRS UFAST skills course
CANCELLATION - Please note that due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) this workshop has been cancelled. [mehr]
CANCELLATION - Please note that due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) this seminar has been cancelled. [mehr]

Signatures of the quantum vacuum

MPSD Seminar
The quantum vacuum is one of the most counter-intuitive concepts of quantum electrodynamics. Whereas the classical vacuum refers to a region of space that is devoid of any particles or fields, its quantum counterpart contains fluctuating electromagnetic fields even in the most idealised case. As predicted by macroscopic quantum electrodynamics, the structure of these virtual photons can be significantly altered by the presence of magnetodielectric bodies or media. The signature of the quantum vacuum is manifest in the interaction of virtual photons with charged matter. [mehr]

Symmetries in high harmonic generation and their application to novel ultrafast spectroscopies

MPSD Seminar
The analysis of symmetries and their associated selection rules is extremely useful in many fields of science. The field of nonlinear optics is no exception. In the early days of nonlinear optics, symmetries were used to derive whether particular nonlinear optical processes are allowed/forbidden according to the medium’s point-group. This approach is believed to be complete, and is regularly taught in graduate classes. [mehr]

Near-Field Physics and Chemistry in Plasmonic STM junctions

MPSD Seminar
Plasmonic cavities exhibit many intriguing properties and phenomena resulting from strong field enhancement and confinement. Recently, both experimental and theoretical studies have revealed crucial roles of atomistic structures and quantum mechanical effects in plasmonic nanostructures [1-3]. [mehr]

Presentation Skills (IMPRS-UFAST Skills Course)

IMPRS-UFAST skills course
“Poets are born – speakers are made” Public speaking is a necessity in scientific life. Take part in this two-days course, find out what your strengths are and develop your individual presentation profile. Take steps to learn how to lead the audience from your first appearance on stage until the last question in the discussion. Be authentic, enthusiastic and convincing! [mehr]

Cavity Optomagnonics

MPSD Seminar
Optomagnonics studies the quantum-coherent coupling of light to collective magnetic excitations in solid state systems. The magnetic material hosting the magnetic excitations can be also used as an optical cavity if patterned appropriately. This not only enhances the magnon-photon coupling (making these systems promising for applications in quantum technologies) but also allows studying cavity-modified light-matter interaction in a novel platform. In my talk I will go over the basics of cavity optomagnonics and present results on recent theory developments in my group, including optomagnonics with magnetic textures, optical heralding of magnon Fock states, and antiferromagnetic cavity optomagnonics.

Controlling superconductivity with the electromagnetic vacuum

MPSD Seminar
Exploiting light-matter interactions to control collective quantum phenomena in solids is an ongoing broad research effort. In particular, it is known that superconductivity can be strongly modified using an external radiation [1-3]. In the absence of the latter, it is an interesting question whether superconductivity induced by conventional Cooper pairing may be also affected by coupling phonons to the electromagnetic field confined in a cavity with enhanced vacuum fluctuations [4,5]. [mehr]
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