Research News

Research News

MPSD researcher Ankit Disa has accepted a professorship at Cornell University in the United States. He will take up his new post as Assistant Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell in July 2022. more

Researchers engineer the first technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications, including laser systems and optical spectroscopy as well as next-generation optical quantum information processing and computing. more

New switch for nanolight: Team develops a unique platform to program a layered crystal, taking an important step toward the control of nanolight. The work also provides insights for the field of optical quantum information processing. more

New perspective on the future of twisted van der Waals materials presented in Nature Physics. Researchers outline the materials' significance in terms of fundamental science as well as their potential applications in materials science and quantum information technologies. more

Researchers produce large regions of uniform rhombohedral four-layer graphene by introducing a small twist between two layers of bilayer graphene. Four-layer rhombohedral graphene is a new platform for realizing flat-band-based quantum phenomena in a natural way. more

Symmetrically coupled light and matter can produce a new combined state of light and electrons – a state which could be utilized in the design of new materials.  more

Research team finds that the twisted bilayer transition metal dichalcogenide WSe2 enables the realization of exotic correlated phenomena, including high-Tc superconductivity and correlated insulators, in a controlled manner and without the geometrical restriction found in twisted bilayer graphene. more

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