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Research News

Ultrafast control of quantum materials

Research team involving experimentalists and theorists explores how light can fundamentally alter the properties of solids - and how to harness these phenomena in laser-driven materials for future applications. Their colloquium has been published in Reviews of Modern Physics. more

Twisted MoS<sub>2</sub> yields new exotic states

Twister bilayer MoS2 can be used to control kinetic energy scales in solids. Researchers have shown that the electrons in MoS2 can interfere destructively, stopping their motion for certain paths. Combined with the twist this makes it possible to engineer exotic magnetic states. more

Nematicity by magnetism in TBG

Researchers in Hamburg and Aachen suggest a surprising connection between the nematic behavior of a superconductor in a magnetic field — a state that resembles liquid crystals used in LCDs — and its spiral-like groundstate in the absence of the field. more

<p>Ankit Disa accepts professorship at Cornell University</p>

MPSD researcher Ankit Disa has accepted a professorship at Cornell University in the United States. He will take up his new post as Assistant Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell in July 2022. more

James McIver accepts Columbia assistant professor position

James McIver, the leader of the Non-Equilibrium Transport in Quantum Materials group, has accepted an assistant professor position with the Physics Department at Columbia Unversity. His group is part of the collaborative Max Planck New York City Center for Non-Equilibrium Quantum Phenomena. more

Twistoptics: A new way to control optical nonlinearity

Researchers engineer the first technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications, including laser systems and optical spectroscopy as well as next-generation optical quantum information processing and computing. more

Layered crystals switch nanolight

New switch for nanolight: Team develops a unique platform to program a layered crystal, taking an important step toward the control of nanolight. The work also provides insights for the field of optical quantum information processing. more

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