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S. Neppl, R. Ernstorfer, A. L. Cavalieri, C. Lemell, G. Wachter, E. Magerl, E. M. Bothschafter, M. Jobst, M. Hofstetter, U. Kleineberg, J. V. Barth, D. Menzel, J. Burgdorfer, P. Feulner, F. Krausz, and R. Kienberger, Direct observation of electron propagation and dielectric screening on the atomic length scale, Nature 517 (7534), 342–346 (2015).
Journal Article
W. Helml, A. R. Maier, W. Schweinberger, I. Grguraš, P. Radcliffe, G. Doumy, C. Roedig, J. Gagnon, M. Messerschmidt, S. Schorb, C. Bostedt, F. Grüner, L. F. DiMauro, D. Cubaynes, J. D. Bozek, T. Tschentscher, J. T. Costello, M. Meyer, R. Coffee, S. Düsterer, A. L. Cavalieri, and R. Kienberger, Measuring the temporal structure of few-femtosecond free-electron laser X-ray pulses directly in the time domain, Nature Photonics 8, 950–957 (2014).
Journal Article
R. Singla, A. Simoncig, M. Först, D. Prabhakaran, A. L. Cavalieri, and A. Cavalleri, Photoinduced melting of the orbital order in La0.5Sr1.5MnO4 measured with 4-fs laser pulses, Physical Review B 88 (7), 075107 (2013).
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