Journal Article (1093)

Journal Article
Terahertz phase slips in striped La2−xBaxCuO4
Physical Review B 105 (2), L020502 (2022)
Journal Article
Megahertz-rate ultrafast X-ray scattering and holographic imaging at the European XFEL
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Journal Article
Two-dimensional confinement for generating thin single crystals for applications in time-resolved electron diffraction and spectroscopy: an intramolecular proton transfer study
H. Hwang, V. Tiwari, H.-G. Duan, S. Bittmann, F. Tellkamp, A. Jha, R. J. D. Miller
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Journal Article
Recent studies on the light-induced phenomena in condensed matter systems and related numerical tools
Journal of the Korean Physical Society (2022)
Journal Article
Unsupervised learning approaches to characterizing heterogeneous samples using X-ray single-particle imaging
Y. Zhuang, S. Awel, A. Barty, R. Bean, J. Bielecki, M. Bergemann, B. J. Daurer, T. Ekeberg, A. D. Estillore, H. Fangohr, K. Giewekemeyer, M. S. Hunter, M. Karnevskiy, R. A. Kirian, H. Kirkwood, Y. Kim, J. Koliyadu, H. Lange, R. Letrun, J. Lübke, A. Mall, T. Michelat, A. J. Morgan, N. Roth, A. K. Samanta, T. Sato, Z. Shen, M. Sikorski, F. Schulz, J. C. H. Spence, P. Vagovic, T. Wollweber, L. Worbs, P. L. Xavier, O. Yefanov, F. R. N. C. Maia, D. A. Horke, J. Küpper, N. D. Loh, A. P. Mancuso, H. N. Chapman, K. Ayyer
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Journal Article
Lieb’s Theorem and Maximum Entropy Condensates
J. Tindall, F. Schlawin, M. A. Sentef, D. Jaksch
Quantum 5, 610 (2021)
Journal Article
Common microscopic origin of the phase transitions in Ta2NiS5 and the excitonic insulator candidate Ta2NiSe5
L. Windgätter, M. Rösner, G. Mazza, H. Hübener, A. Georges, A. J. Millis, S. Latini, A. Rubio
Npj Computational Materials 7 (1), 210 (2021)
Journal Article
Probing Electron-Phonon Interactions Away from the Fermi Level with Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
C. D. Dashwood, A. Geondzhian, J. G. Vale, A. C. Pakpour-Tabrizi, C. A. Howard, Q. Faure, L. S. I. Veiga, D. Meyers, S. G. Chiuzbăian, A. Nicolaou, N. Jaouen, R. B. Jackman, A. Nag, M. García-Fernández, K.-J. Zhou, A. C. Walters, K. Gilmore, D. F. McMorrow, M. P. M. Dean
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Journal Article
Photoionization and transient Wannier-Stark ladder in silicon: First-principles simulations versus Keldysh theory
T. J.-Y. Derrien, N. Tancogne-Dejean, V. P. Zhukov, H. Appel, A. Rubio, N. M. Bulgakova
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Journal Article
Conditional Wave Function Theory: A Unified Treatment of Molecular Structure and Nonadiabatic Dynamics
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 17 (12), 7321–7340 (2021)
Journal Article
Direct detection of odd-frequency superconductivity via time- and angle-resolved photoelectron fluctuation spectroscopy
V. Kornich, F. Schlawin, M. A. Sentef, B. Trauzettel
Physical Review Research 3, L042034 (2021)
Journal Article
Microscopic Understanding of Ultrafast Charge Transfer in van der Waals Heterostructures
R. Krause, S. Aeschlimann, M. Chavez Cervantes, R. Perea-Causin, S. Brem, E. Malic, S. Forti, F. Fabbri, C. Coletti, I. Gierz
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Journal Article
Theory of subcycle time-resolved photoemission: Application to terahertz photodressing in graphene
M. Schüler, M. A. Sentef
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Journal Article
Moiré flat bands in twisted 2D hexagonal vdW materials
Q. Xu, Y. Guo, L. D. Xian
2D Materials 9 (1), 014005 (2021)
Journal Article
Giant oscillatory Gilbert damping in superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
Y. Yao, R. Cai, T. Yu, Y. Ma, W. Xing, Y. Ji, X.-C. Xie, S.-H. Yang, W. Han
Science Advances 7 (48), eabh3686 (2021)
Journal Article
Light-induced emergent phenomena in 2D materials and topological materials
C. Bao, P. Tang, D. Sun, S. Zhou
Nature Reviews Physics (2021)
Journal Article
Learning Electron Densities in the Condensed Phase
A. Lewis, A. Grisafi, M. Ceriotti, M. Rossi
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 17 (11), 7203–7214 (2021)
Journal Article
Phase Diagram for Light-Induced Superconductivity in κ−(ET)2−X
M. Buzzi, D. Nicoletti, S. Fava, G. Jotzu, K. Miyagawa, K. Kanoda, A. Henderson, T. Siegrist, J. A. Schlueter, M.-S. Nam, A. Ardavan, A. Cavalleri
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Journal Article
Designing and controlling the properties of transition metal oxide quantum materials
C. Ahn, A. Cavalleri, A. Georges, S. Ismail-Beigi, A. J. Millis, J.-M. Triscone
Nature Materials 20 (11), 1462–1468 (2021)
Journal Article
Selection rules for breaking selection rules
M. E. Tzur, O. Neufeld, A. Fleischer, O. Cohen
New Journal of Physics 23, 103039 (2021)
Journal Article
Imaging Spin-Wave Damping Underneath Metals Using Electron Spins in Diamond
I. Bertelli, B. G. Simon, T. Yu, J. Aarts, G. E. W. Bauer, Y. M. Blanter, T. van der Sar
Advanced Quantum Technologies 4 (12), 2100094 (2021)
Journal Article
How to optimize the absorption of two entangled photons
E. G. Carnio, A. Buchleitner, F. Schlawin
SciPost Physics Core 4 (4), 028 (2021)
Journal Article
Efficient Gaussian process regression for prediction of molecular crystals harmonic free energies
M. Krynski, M. Rossi
Npj Computational Materials 7 (1), 169 (2021)
Journal Article
Universal properties of boundary and interface charges in continuum models of one-dimensional insulators
S. Miles, D. M. Kennes, H. Schoeller, M. Pletyukhov
Physical Review B 104 (15), 155409 (2021)
Journal Article
Indirect interactions between magnets
W. Yu, T. Yu, G. E. W. Bauer
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 (41), 55–56 (2021)
Journal Article
Making ab initio QED functional(s): Nonperturbative and photon-free effective frameworks for strong light–matter coupling
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (41), e2110464118 (2021)
Journal Article
Skyrmion States in Disk Geometry
T. B. Winkler, K. Litzius, A. de Lucia, M. Weißenhofer, H. Fangohr, M. Kläui
Physical Review Applied 16 (4), 044014 (2021)
Journal Article
Engineering crystal structures with light
A. Disa, T. F. Nova, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics 17 (10), 1087–1092 (2021)
Journal Article
Phonon-induced disorder in dynamics of optically pumped metals from nonlinear electron-phonon coupling
J. Sous, B. Kloss, D. M. Kennes, D. R. Reichman, A. J. Millis
Nature Communications 12 (1), 5803 (2021)
Journal Article
First-principles characterisation of spectroscopic and bonding properties of cationic bismuth carbide clusters
D. A. F. Almeida, M. J. T. Oliveira, B. F. Milne
Computational & Theoretical Chemistry 1204, 113372 (2021)
Journal Article
Colloquium: Nonthermal pathways to ultrafast control in quantum materials
A. de la Torre, D. M. Kennes, M. Claassen, S. Gerber, J. W. McIver, M. A. Sentef
Reviews of Modern Physics 93 (4), 041002 (2021)
Journal Article
Higgs mode stabilization by photoinduced long-range interactions in a superconductor
H. Gao, F. Schlawin, D. Jaksch
Physical Review B 104 (14), L140503 (2021)
Journal Article
Realization of nearly dispersionless bands with strong orbital anisotropy from destructive interference in twisted bilayer MoS2
L. D. Xian, M. Claassen, D. Kiese, M. M. Scherer, S. Trebst, D. M. Kennes, A. Rubio
Nature Communications 12, 5644 (2021)
Journal Article
Engineering Three-Dimensional Moiré Flat Bands
L. D. Xian, A. Fischer, M. Claassen, J. Zhang, A. Rubio, D. M. Kennes
Nano Letters 21 (18), 7519–7526 (2021)
Journal Article
Light-Driven Extremely Nonlinear Bulk Photogalvanic Currents
Physical Review Letters 127 (12), 126601 (2021)
Journal Article
Nematicity Arising from a Chiral Superconducting Ground State in Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene under In-Plane Magnetic Fields
Physical Review Letters 127 (12), 127001 (2021)
Journal Article
Universal properties of boundary and interface charges in multichannel one-dimensional models without symmetry constraints
N. Müller, K. Piasotski, D. M. Kennes, H. Schoeller, M. Pletyukhov
Physical Review B 104 (12), 125447 (2021)
Journal Article
Conceptual design report for the LUXE experiment
H. Abramowicz, U. Acosta, M. Altarelli, R. Aßmann, Z. Bai, T. Behnke, Y. Benhammou, T. Blackburn, S. Boogert, O. Borysov, M. Borysova, R. Brinkmann, M. Bruschi, F. Burkart, K. Büßer, N. Cavanagh, O. Davidi, W. Decking, U. Dosselli, N. Elkina, A. Fedotov, M. Firlej, T. Fiutowski, K. Fleck, M. Gostkin, C. Grojean, J. Hallford, H. Harsh, A. Hartin, B. Heinemann, T. Heinzl, L. Helary, M. Hoffmann, S. Huang, X. Huang, M. Idzik, A. Ilderton, R. Jacobs, B. Kämpfer, B. King, H. Lahno, A. Levanon, A. Levy, I. Levy, J. List, W. Lohmann, T. Ma, A. J. Macleod, V. Malka, F. Meloni, A. Mironov, M. Morandin, J. Moron, E. Negodin, G. Perez, I. Pomerantz, R. Pöschl, R. Prasad, F. Quéré, A. Ringwald, C. Rödel, S. Rykovanov, F. Salgado, A. Santra, G. Sarri, A. Sävert, A. Sbrizzi, S. Schmitt, U. Schramm, S. Schuwalow, D. Seipt, L. Shaimerdenova, M. Shchedrolosiev, M. Skakunov, Y. Soreq, M. Streeter, K. Swientek, N. T. Hod, S. Tang, T. Teter, D. Thoden, A. I. Titov, O. Tolbanov, G. Torgrimsson, A. Tyazhev, M. Wing, M. Zanetti, A. Zarubin, K. Zeil, M. Zepf, A. Zhemchukov
European Physical Journal - Special Topics (2021)
Journal Article
Violation of Boltzmann Equipartition Theorem in Angular Phonon Phase Space Slows down Nanoscale Heat Transfer in Ultrathin Heterofilms
A. Hanisch-Blicharski, V. Tinnemann, S. Wall, F. Thiemann, T. Groven, J. Fortmann, M. Tajik, C. Brand, B.-O. Frost, A. von Hoegen, M. Horn-von Hoegen
Nano Letters 21 (17), 7145–7151 (2021)
Journal Article
Pitfalls on evaluating pair exchange interactions for modelling molecule-based magnetism
M. Fumanal, J. Jornet-Somoza, S. Vela, J. J. Novoa, J. Ribas-Arino, M. Deumal
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 33, 10647–10660 (2021)
Journal Article
Conductance-strain behavior in silver-nanowire composites: network properties of a tunable strain sensor
T. E. Glier, M. Betker, B. Grimm-Lebsanft, S. Scheitz, T. Matsuyama, L. O. Akinsinde, M. Rübhausen
Nanotechnology 32 (36), 365701 (2021)
Journal Article
Approximations based on density-matrix embedding theory for density-functional theories
Electronic Structure 3 (3), 035001 (2021)
Journal Article
Quantum metrology of two-photon absorption
C. S. Muñoz, G. Frascella, F. Schlawin
Physical Review Research 3 (3), 033250 (2021)
Journal Article
Velocity map imaging spectrometer with an electric-field-matched gas capillary
M. Ranke, S. Walther, T. Gebert, A. Dimitriou, M. Sumfleth, M. J. Prandolini, M. Wieland, M. Drescher, U. Frühling
Measurement Science and Technology 32 (9), 095901 (2021)
Journal Article
Ultrafast materials design with classical and quantum light
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 (35), 353001 (2021)
Journal Article
All-optical generation of antiferromagnetic magnon currents via the magnon circular photogalvanic effect
E. Viñas Boström, T. S. Parvini, J. W. McIver, A. Rubio, S. V. Kusminskiy, M. A. Sentef
Physical Review B 104 (10), L100404 (2021)
Journal Article
Fundamental Flaw in the Current Construction of the TiO2 Electron Transport Layer of Perovskite Solar Cells and Its Elimination
Y. Yan, C. Liu, Y. Yang, G. Hu, V. Tiwari, D.-e. Jiang, W. Peng, A. Jha, H.-G. Duan, F. Tellkamp, Y. Ding, W. Shi, S. Yuan, R. J. D. Miller, W. Ma, J. Zhao
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13 (33), 39371–39378 (2021)
Journal Article
Flat bands, electron interactions, and magnetic order in magic-angle mono-trilayer graphene
Z. A. H. Goodwin, L. Klebl, V. Vitale, X. Liang, V. Gogtay, X. van Gorp, D. M. Kennes, A. A. Mostofi, J. Lischner
Physical Review Materials 5 (8), 084008 (2021)
Journal Article
Universality of Abelian and non-Abelian Wannier functions in generalized one-dimensional Aubry-André-Harper models
K. Piasotski, M. Pletyukhov, C. S. Weber, J. Klinovaja, D. M. Kennes, H. Schoeller
Physical Review Research 3 (3), 033167 (2021)
Journal Article
Multidimensional four-wave mixing signals detected by quantum squeezed light
K. Dorfman, S. Liu, Y. Lou, T. Wei, J. Jing, F. Schlawin, S. Mukamel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (33), e2105601118 (2021)
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