Researchers in Hamburg and Aachen suggest a surprising connection between the nematic behavior of a superconductor in a magnetic field — a state that resembles liquid crystals used in LCDs — and its spiral-like groundstate in the absence of the field. more

A universal Doppler effect limits the maximal spin current in magnetic insulators which have been driven out of equilibrium by magnetic fields. These findings by an international research team present a surprising parallel to what happens in superconductors driven by electric fields and could aid the design of future nano-devices. more

Researchers gain a direct view of spin waves by placing a diamond chip with a layer of nitrogen vacancy centers on top of a thin magnetic film. Once the spin waves are excited, the NV centers pick up their magnetic fields and enable high-resolution imaging. more

Researchers show that short-lived topological states can be tracked with equally short light flashes spiraling like a corkscrew, using signal difference between left- and right-handed light. more

Researchers at the University of Oxford and the MPSD report in Physical Review Letters that a dynamical version of superconductivity, which is generated by periodically shaking the material, is intimately tied to strong electronic correlations and geometric frustration. more

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