IMPRS Course Archive 2018

In public, "good scientific practice" is often connected with cases of plagiarism when it comes to dissertations. However, the important topic covers a substatially wider spectrum of scientific conduct: Dealing with data (including checking, recording, ownership and storage), the publishing process and authorship, responsible supervision, academic cooperation, conflicts of interest and dealing with conflicts. Inappropriate academic behaviour includes inventing or faking data, violating intellectual property (theft of ideas or plagiarism) and sabotating the research of others. More subtle topics, such as skepticism, critical thinking, reproducibility, handling creativity, the danger of axiomatic assumptions and confirmation bias represent the "heart of good scientific practice". Every PhD student should have a professional understanding of all mentioned topics. [more]
Thinking about your career after the PhD? Three half-days of explorations and personal encounters with visits to leaders from different sectors of work in Hamburg. This workshop will broaden your perspective - on what you have to offer and where you might go. [more]
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