Publications of the IMPRS UFAST fellows

Journal Article (20)

Journal Article
New Insights into the Photophysics of DNA Nucleobases
V. Prokhorenko, A. Picchiotti, M. Pola, A. Dijkstra, R. J. D. Miller
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (22), 4445–4450 (2016)
Journal Article
Parametric amplification of a superconducting plasma wave
S. Rajasekaran, E. Casandruc, Y. Laplace, D. Nicoletti, G. D. Gu, S. R. Clark, D. Jaksch, A. Cavalleri
Nature Physics 12 (11), 1012–1016 (2016)
Journal Article
Synchronised photoreversion of spirooxazine ring opening in thin crystals to uncover ultrafast dynamics
K. M. Siddiqui, G. Corthey, S. A. Hayes, A. Rossos, D. S. Badali, R. Xian, R. S. Murphy, B. J. Whitaker, R. J. D. Miller
CrystEngComm 18 (38), 7212–7216 (2016)
Journal Article
A multi-MHz single-shot data acquisition scheme with high dynamic range: pump–probe X-ray experiments at synchrotrons
A. Britz, T. A. Assefa, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, M. Diez, P. Zalden, D. Khakhulin, B. Fernandes, P. Gessler, H. S. Namin, A. Beckmann, M. Harder, H. Yavaşd, C. Bressler
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 23 (6), 1409–1423 (2016)
Journal Article
The elusive ≡C-H⋯O complex in the hydrogen bonded systems of Phenylacetylene: A Matrix Isolation Infrared and Ab Initio Study
G. Karir, M. Fatima, K. S. Viswanathan
Journal of Chemical Sciences 128 (10), 1557–1569 (2016)
Journal Article
AXSIS: Exploring the frontiers in attosecond X-ray science, imaging and spectroscopy
F. X. Kärtner, F. Ahr, A.-L. Calendron, H. Çankaya, S. Carbajo, G. Chang, G. Cirmi, K. Dörner, U. Dorda, A. Fallahi, A. Hartin, M. Hemmer, R. Hobbs, Y. Hua, W. R. Huang, R. Letrun, N. Matlis, V. Mazalova, O. D. Mücke, E. Nanni, W. Putnam, K. Ravi, F. Reichert, I. Sarrou, X. Wu, A. Yahaghi, H. Ye, L. Zapata, D. Zhang, C. Zhou, R. J. D. Miller, K. K. Berggren, H. Graafsma, A. Meents, R. W. Assmann, H. N. Chapman, P. Fromme
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 829, 24–29 (2016)
Journal Article
Kagome-fiber-based pulse compression of mid-infrared picosecond pulses from a Ho:YLF amplifier
K. Murari, G. J. Stein, H. Cankaya, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, G. Cirmi, O. D. Mücke, P. Li, A. Ruehl, I. Hartl, K.-H. Hong, F. Benabid, F. X. Kärtner
Optica 3 (8), 816–822 (2016)
Journal Article
Ligand Layer Engineering To Control Stability and Interfacial Properties of Nanoparticles
F. Schulz, G. T. Dahl, S. Besztejan, M. A. Schroer, F. Lehmkühler, G. Grübel, T. Vossmeyer, H. Lange
Langmuir 32 (31), 7897–7907 (2016)
Journal Article
Coherent diffraction of single Rice Dwarf virus particles using hard X-rays at the Linac Coherent Light Source
A. Munke, J. Andreasson, A. Aquila, S. Awel, K. Ayyer, A. Barty, R. J. Bean, P. Berntsen, J. Bielecki, S. Boutet, M. Bucher, H. N. Chapman, B. J. Daurer, H. DeMirci, V. Elser, P. Fromme, J. Hajdu, M. F. Hantke, A. Higashiura, B. G. Hogue, A. Hosseinizadeh, Y. Kim, R. A. Kirian, H. K. N. Reddy, T.-Y. Lan, D. S. D. Larsson, H. Liu, N. D. Loh, F. R. N. C. Maia, A. P. Mancuso, K. Mühlig, A. Nakagawa, D. Nam, G. Nelson, C. Nettelblad, K. Okamoto, A. Ourmazd, M. Rose, G. van der Schot, P. Schwander, M. M. Seibert, J. A. Sellberg, R. G. Sierra, C. Song, M. Svenda, N. Timneanu, I. A. Vartanyants, D. Westphal, M. O. Wiedorn, G. J. Williams, L. X. Paulraj, C. H. Yoon, J. Zook
Scientific Data 3, 160064 (2016)
Journal Article
Fixed target combined with spectral mapping: approaching 100% hit rates for serial crystallography
S. Oghbaey, A. Sarracini, H. M. Ginn, O. Paré-Labrosse, A. Kuo, A. Marx, S. W. Epp, D. A. Sherrell, B. T. Eger, Y. Zhong, R. Loch, V. Mariani, R. Alonso-Mori, S. Nelson, H. T. Lemke, R. L. Owen, A. R. Pearson, D. I. Stuart, O. P. Ernst, H. M. Mueller-Werkmeister, R. J. D. Miller
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 72 (8), 944–955 (2016)
Journal Article
Bandgap Modulation in Photoexcited Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 via Atomic Displacements
M. Hada, K. Norimatsu, S. Tanaka, S. Keskin, T. Tsuruta, K. Igarashi, T. Ishikawa, Y. Kayanuma, R. J. D. Miller, K. Onda, T. Sasagawa, S.-ya Koshihara, K. G. Nakamura
The Journal of Chemical Physics 145 (2), 024504 (2016)
Journal Article
Femtosecond X-Ray Scattering Study of Ultrafast Photoinduced Structural Dynamics in Solvated [Co(terpy)2]2+
E. Biasin, T. B. van Driel, K. S. Kjær, A. O. Dohn, M. Christensen, T. Harlang, P. Chabera, Y. Liu, J. Uhlig, M. Pápai, Z. Németh, R. Hartsock, W. Liang, J. Zhang, R. Alonso-Mori, M. Chollet, J. M. Glownia, S. Nelson, D. Sokaras, T. A. Assefa, A. Britz, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, C. Bressler, K. J. Gaffney, H. T. Lemke, K. B. Møller, M. M. Nielsen, V. Sundström, G. Vankó, K. Wärnmark, S. E. Canton, K. Haldrup
Physical Review Letters 117 (1), 013002 (2016)
Journal Article
Plasma-driven ultrashort bunch diagnostics
I. Dornmair, C. B. Schroeder, K. Floettmann, B. Marchetti, A. R. Maier
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 19 (6), 062801 (2016)
Journal Article
Time-resolved pump and probe x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy at beamline P11 at PETRA III
D. Göries, B. Dicke, P. Roedig, N. Stübe, J. Meyer, A. Galler, W. Gawelda, A. Britz, P. Geßler, H. S. Namin, A. Beckmann, M. Schlie, M. Warmer, M. Naumova, C. Bressler, M. Rübhausen, E. Weckert, A. Meents
Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (5), 053116 (2016)
Journal Article
Femtosecond structural dynamics drives the trans/cis isomerization in photoactive yellow protein
K. Pande, C. D. M. Hutchison, G. Groenhof, A. Aquila, J. S. Robinson, J. Tenboer, S. Basu, S. Boutet, D. P. DePonte, M. Liang, T. A. White, N. A. Zatsepin, O. Yefanov, D. Morozov, D. Oberthuer, C. Gati, G. Subramanian, D. James, Y. Zhao, J. Koralek, J. Brayshaw, C. Kupitz, C. Conrad, S. Roy-Chowdhury, J. D. Coe, M. Metz, L. X. Paulraj, T. D. Grant, J. E. Koglin, G. Ketawala, R. Fromme, V. Šrajer, R. Henning, J. C. H. Spence, A. Ourmazd, P. Schwander, U. Weierstall, M. Frank, P. Fromme, A. Barty, H. N. Chapman, K. Moffat, J. J. van Thor, M. Schmidt
Science 352 (6286), 725–729 (2016)
Journal Article
Dynamics from noisy data with extreme timing uncertainty
R. Fung, A. M. Hanna, O. Vendrell, S. Ramakrishna, T. Seideman, R. Santra, A. Ourmazd
Nature 532 (7600), 471–475 (2016)
Journal Article
Numerical study of spectral shaping in high energy Ho:YLF amplifiers
P. Krötz, A. Ruehl, K. Murari, H. Cankaya, F. X. Kärtner, I. Hartl, R. J. D. Miller
Optics Express 24 (9), 9905–9921 (2016)
Journal Article
Intracavity gain shaping in millijoule-level, high gain Ho:YLF regenerative amplifiers
K. Murari, H. Cankaya, P. Krötz, G. Cirmi, P. Li, A. Ruehl, I. Hartl, F. X. Kärtner
Optics Letters 41 (6), 1114–1117 (2016)
Journal Article
Comparative study of wound healing in rat skin following incision with a novel picosecond infrared laser (PIRL) and different surgical modalities
H. Petersen, F. Tavakoli, S. Kruber, A. Münscher, A. Gliese, N.-O. Hansen, S. Maier, D. Eggert, W. Robertson, T. Gosau, S. Sehner, M. Kwiatkowski, H. Schlüter, U. Schumacher, R. Knecht, R. J. D. Miller
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 48 (4), 385–391 (2016)
Journal Article
Macromolecular diffractive imaging using imperfect crystals
K. Ayyer, O. M. Yefanov, D. Oberthür, S. Roy-Chowdhury, L. Galli, V. Mariani, S. Basu, J. Coe, C. E. Conrad, R. Fromme, A. Schaffer, K. Dörner, D. James, C. Kupitz, M. Metz, G. Nelson, L. X. Paulraj, K. R. Beyerlein, M. Schmidt, I. Sarrou, J. C. H. Spence, U. Weierstall, T. A. White, J.-H. Yang, Y. Zhao, M. Liang, A. Aquila, M. S. Hunter, J. S. Robinson, J. E. Koglin, S. Boutet, P. Fromme, A. Barty, H. N. Chapman
Nature 530 (7589), 202–206 (2016)

Conference Paper (3)

Conference Paper
High energetic and highly stable pulses from a Ho:YLF regenerative amplifier
P. Krötz, A. Ruehl, G. Chatterjee, A.-L. Calendron, K. Murari, H. Cankaya, F. X. Kärtner, I. Hartl, R. J. D. Miller
Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 9726, Bellingham, Washington: SPIE; 2016
Conference Paper
87-W, 1018-nm Yb-fiber ultrafast seeding source for cryogenic Yb:YLF amplifier
Y. Hua, W. Liu, M. Hemmer, L. E. Zapata, G. Zhou, D. N. Schimpf, T. Eidam, J. Limpert, A. Tünnermann, F. X. Kaertner, G. Chang
OSA Technical Digest (2016), Optical Society of America; 2016
Conference Paper
SPM-enabled fiber laser source beyond 1.2 µm
G. Zhou, M. Xin, Y. Liu, F. X. Kärtner, G. Chang
OSA Technical Digest (online), 2016

Thesis - PhD (8)

Thesis - PhD
In-liquid Electron Microscopy and Diffraction for real-time observation and structural analysis
Universität Hamburg, 2016
Thesis - PhD
Light-induced Electronic Hole Dynamics and Its Application
Universität Hamburg, 2016
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