New Humboldt Fellows to work on optical cavities

The MPSD has welcomed two new Humboldt Fellows to the Theory Department. Carlos Mauricio Bustamante and Hang Liu have each been awarded postdoctorate Humboldt Research Fellowships to carry out their own research at the Institute. more

Physics done differently on Girls‘ and Boys‘ Day

13 school students took part in this year’s Girls’ and Boys’ Day at the MPSD. They got to try out experiments involving light refraction, magnet-battery motors, atomically thin graphene as well the transmission speeds of signals - and they had a lot of fun in the process.  more

Angel Rubio elected as member of the Leopoldina

MPSD Director Angel Rubio has been elected as a member of Germany’s National Academy of Sciences, the Leopoldina. His membership will be officially bestowed upon him at a ceremony in Halle in February 2024. more

Five weeks as an intern at the MPSD

Wiebke Kohlbrecher (20) has spent five weeks at the MPSD to learn at first hand about the day-to-day work of its researchers. She will complete three internships in total as part of the Hamburg-based ProTechnicale program which offers female school leavers an orientation year in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) occupations.  more

ERC Synergy Grant for former MPSD postdoc Eike C. Schulz

Former MPSD scientist Eike C. Schulz is part of a German-Danish-Swedish research team selected for an ERC Synergy Grant to shed light on the binding process of proteins. The time-resolved serial spectroscopy method he developed at the Institute will form part of an advanced tool kit to observe protein activity.  more

Matthew Day receives Humboldt Fellowship

Matthew Day, a member of the research group Ultrafast Transport in Quantum Materials, has been awarded a Humboldt Fellowship.  more

ERC Consolidator Grant for Philip Moll

MPSD Director Philip Moll has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant worth €3 million to investigate the interfaces between two regions in the same strongly correlated single-crystal material. more

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