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Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

A comprehensive list of current and previously involved researchers.

Principal Investigators

  • Prof. Ana Asenjo-García, Associate Professor of Physics
    Focus: Theoretical quantum optics, AMO/quantum physics
  • Prof. Dr. Dmitri N. Basov, Higgins Professor of Physics
    Focus: Experimental condensed matter physics; spectroscopy and nano-imaging
  • Prof. Dr. Cory Dean, Professor of Physics.
    Focus: Experimental condensed matter physics: transport and nanofabrication
  • Prof. Milan E. Delor, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
    Focus: Experimental physics, light-matter coupling
  • Prof. Aravind Devarakonda, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
    Focus: Experimental physics, material synthesis
  • Prof. Dr. James Hone, Wang Fong-Jen Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering. Experimental condensed matter physics; materials synthesis, electrical and mechanical engineering.
  • Prof. Dr. Michal Lipson, Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering
    Focus: Optics and photonics.
  • Prof. Colin P. Nuckolls, Sheldon and Dorothy Buckler Professor of Material Science, Department of Chemistry
    Focus: Materials discovery and synthesis
  • Prof. Dr. Abhay Pasupathy, Professor of Physics
    Focus: Experimental condensed matter physics; atomic resolution scanning probes and spectroscopy.
  • Prof. Raquel Queiroz, Assistant Professor of Physics
    Focus: Condensed matter physics, theory; entanglement and topology
  • Prof. Dr. David Reichman, Centennial Professor of Chemistry
    Focus: Theoretical chemistry
  • Prof. Xavier Roy, Professor of Chemistry
    Focucs: Physical Chemistry and Materials Discovery
  • Prof. P. James Schuck, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Focus: Quantum photonics devices and characterization
  • Dr. Xueyue (Sherry) Zhang, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics (joining January 2025)
    Focus: Experimental physics, nano-photonics for scalable quantum processors
  • Prof. Dr. Xiaoyang Zhu, Howard Family Professor of Nanoscience
    Focus: Materials chemistry, and condensed matter physics; spectroscopy and time-resolved probes.

Postdocs and senior researchers

  • Physics:  Daniel Rizzo, Carmen Rubio-Verdú, Aaron Sternbach, Caroling Gold,
    Xiong Huang, Yiping Wang, Yongxin Zheng
  • Chemistry: Elena Meirzadeh, Fang Liu, Eunice Bae
  • Materials Science: Brian Kim
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