Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter

Theory Department
Condensed Matter Dynamics Department
Microstructured Quantum Matter Department
Max Planck Group “Ultrafast transport in quantum materials”

A comprehensive list of current and previously involved researchers.

Condensed Matter Dynamics Department:

Director and senior researchers

Microstructured Quantum Matter Department:

Theory Department:

Director and senior researchers

Postdoctoral researchers

Norah Hoffmann (now Assistant Professor at NYU), I-Te Lu, Simone Latini (now Assistant Professor at DTU), Marios Michael, Ofer Neufeld, Dongbin Shin, Mark Kemper Svendsen, Emil Viñas-Bostroem, Lede Xian (now Professor at Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory), Jin Zhang

PhD Students

Damian Hoffman, Mona Kalthoff

Ultrafast transport in quantum materials Group:

(in the phasing-out process to Columbia University)

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