Admission as doctoral candidate and matriculation at Hamburg University

With signing your contract you are accepted for a PhD position at IMPRS UFAST but still you have to be accepted as a PhD student at the corresponding department at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN faculty), usually the Physics or Chemistry department and as a student at Hamburg University.

This needs to be done in two steps:

1. Admission as doctoral candidate

2. Matriculation at Hamburg University

Step 1: Admission as a doctoral candidate

  • Apply online at Docata-MIN:
  • Please note: Your email-address for Docata shold be your working address!
  • Open up an account and fill in the application form online
  • Hand in the papers listed below to the Office of Academic Affairs (“Studienbüro”) of your corresponding department.

Documents you will need to apply as a doctoral candidate:

  • Application, signed by your supervisor and you (online-form, you will find it in Docata)
  • Outline of your research project. Use the form “Forschungsskizze
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Publication list
  • Diploma of university degrees (copy, officially exemplified): Bachelor and Master
  • Transcript of Records (copy, officially exemplified): Bachelor and Master
  • A copy of your university entrance certifcation
  • A copy of your passport/ ID card
  • Only for international students: Master thesis on electronic disk: if not in German/English, include an abstract of 1-2 pages in German or English
  • Graduate School membership form
  • Supervision Agreement (Department of Physics)
  • Supervision Agreement (Department of Chemistry)

Upon successful registration you will receive a written confirmation from the Studienbüro.

Please hand in a photocopy of this confirmation at the IMPRS office and keep the original for your personal files. The IMPRS office will provide you with further information on the admission process.

Step 2: Matriculation

Once you are accepted as a doctoral student at your department, you can start the matriculation at Hamburg University.

The matriculation must occur latest until the semester that follows the admission. You have to pay a semester fee of about 325€ each semester. This contribution includes a student ticket for the HVV public transport in Hamburg and the surrounding area (valid for one semester).

 Please be aware that the application process might take several weeks.

  • Submit the application in the online application portal STiNE. (A detailed manual on how to register for STiNE can be found here.)
  • Finally hand in the documents listed below to the Campus Center

Documents you will need to apply as a student at Hamburg University:

  • Printed application form from the online application in STiNE
  • The confirmation of admission or a notification from the Studienbüro
  • Diploma of university degree (officially exemplified)
  • Confirmation of your supervisor
  • Health insurance confirmation

Upon successful matriculation you will receive a preliminary confirmation of enrolment and instructions on how to pay your semester fee. Once the semester fee is paid, you will receive your full student ID.

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