IMPRS UFAST curriculum

The IMPRS UFAST curriculum consists of various components and is an integral part of PhD studies within the IMPRS whilst you will be asked to complete a certain amount of academic and skills training courses during your time as IMPRS fellow.

For detailed information, please refer to our official Curriculum Guidelines.

Courses will normally be offered as intensive block courses which are taught within a set period.

IMPRS courses

Core courses: They are overview courses to provide IMPRS students with a common foundation in the fields of ultrafast imaging and structural dynamics. There are at least 5 core courses on offer per year.

Focus courses cover specialist topics and will be taught by local staff as well as international guest speakers.

Skills workshops: A typical workshop is 2 days in length. On offer are topics such as scientific writing, presentation skills, teamwork and leadership skills, project management, etc. The IMPRS will organise a set of workshops each year, further workshops are on offer through other graduate schools, PIASTA, the Hamburg University Career Center or Hamburg Research Academy (HRA).

The IMPRS UFAST PhD Seminar is a monthly seminar during which IMPRS students will present their research projects, latest developments or progress or particular aspects. The seminar is mandatory for all IMPRS students (at least 75% of the sessions per semester) and so is an important forum of scientific exchange within the IMPRS UFAST.

Hamburg Photon Science Colloquium: (at CFEL) offers talks by local and international experts in the areas relevant to the IMPRS on a weekly basis during the regular semester lecture period. In selected semesters European XFEL will offer a series of lectures to complement the offer. IMPRS fellows must attend at least 14 talks per year in all 3 years of doctoral studies. At least half of these talks must be attended from the above colloquia.

Please note:

The second semester of Y3 is largely dedicated to writing your thesis.

The IMPRS credits do not necessarily match the credits allocated to lectures/modules at Hamburg University.

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