Guidelines and rules of good scientific practice

Guidelines and rules of good scientific practice

As part of the Max Planck Society the IMPRS UFAST is based on the same guidelines and rules of responsible use of scientific freedom and dealing with scientific risk resolved on March 13, 2010 by the Senate of the Max Plank Society.

"These rules aim to prevent misuse of research and avoid risks through self-regulation based on ethical principles. They also establish a procedure to enable researchers to better resolve ethical uncertainties and prevent accusations of unethical conduct.

The rules apply to everyone working at the Max Planck Society’s institutions, or with their resources at other locations. They should also be observed by Max Planck Society researchers in their scientific activities outside of the society, e.g. within the scope of consultation or joint responsibility for companies or journals. The status of the various researchers (in particular, Scientific Members, senior research scientists, external Scientific Members, academic staff, doctoral students and guest scientists) and non-scientific employees is to be taken into account in their application to persons working at the Max Planck Society. The status of these persons may have an influence on their freedom of research and any right of authority the Max Planck Society may exercise over them.

These rules apply in addition to the “Rules of Good Scientific Practice” of the Max Planck Society. As general provisions for all areas of research, they may be supplemented by specific self-regulatory measures, which have or will be drawn up by other institutions for specific areas of research. Provided these specific codes conform to the general principles set out here, and do not infringe upon the freedom of research enshrined in the Basic Law, they may supplement and more precisely define these rules. Legal provisions take precedence over these rules and other self-regulatory measures."

(Guidelines and Rules of the Max Planck Society on a Responsible Approach to Freedom of Research and Research Risks, Updated version of March 17, 2017)

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