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Living and Studying in Hamburg

Hamburg …

Being the second-largest city in Germany (1.75 millon inhabitants) and the eighth-largest city in the European Union, Hamburg has a lot to offer.

Hamburg's official name is Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (in German: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg). It reflects Hamburg's history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League. The significance as a trading center has left its imprint on the city's appearance - the historical “Speicherstadt” (warehouse district), for example, is one prominent reminder of the past. Today, Hamburg features the third-largest port in Europe and the eighth-largest in the world. It is northern Germany’s most important center for trade and transportation and home to several major industries.

Hamburg without water is unthinkable - countless bridges, channels, and the rivers Elbe, Alster and Bille wind their path all across the city. The "Fischmarkt" on the Elbe (which is about much more than fish) is a popular destination for many people on a Sunday morning. The harbor is also home to the Hamburger “Hafengeburtstag” which is the world’s biggest harbor festival and attracts over 1 million visitors each year.

Despite its size, Hamburg has a welcoming and casual atmosphere. The city features numerous cultural, arts, and street festivals throughout the year. Daily social life takes place in the various districts of the city, each of which has its own individual character and charm. Thanks to a rather conservative urban development policy in the past, relatively few skyscrapers can be found across city and a multitude of parks and tree-lined avenues make Hamburg a rather “green city”.

...and surroundings

Hamburg is located in close proximity to both, the Baltic and the North Sea coasts, both with an array of sea resorts and beautiful coastal landscape. For those who desire a change of scene, the historic “Hanse” cities of Bremen, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Rostock, and Stade, as well as the metropolis Berlin are only a short train ride away.

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